Our Projects.  

Below are three of the projects that will take place as soon as funding is secured and work can begin. An estimated cost is provided for each project, highlighting the magnitude and the amount of assistance required through grants, donations, in-kind work, and volunteer work necessary for the restoration to be complete and the Old Sweet revived.


Project 3 Warm Water Pool House

The water at the pool remains a constant 73 degrees year round.  This wonderful historic pool is the beginning of the Sweet Springs history.  We need volunteers to help clean the area around the pool in preparation to begin stabilization of the building so restoration can begin.  Total cost for this restoration is approx. $100,000.00

Photo by Millie Mattox

Project 2. Roof Repairs

All of the intricate Jefferson style "dental mold" on the eaves will be restored. Now that the roofing has been restored, we are ready to begin the repair of the gutters and downspouts,  The slate roofing project is under repair at this time.  Volunteers or donations to help meet our 50% of the grant is always appreciated

TOTAL Estimated cost 300,00.00

Already spent:  $200,000.00

Photo by Steve Jessee

SJ Sunporch.jpg
Project 3. Restoration of 1 wing in historic hotel

It is our desire to get 1 (one) wing of the grand hotel restored and usable.  This includes water in building (already started), internet in building (working on that), and restoration to the rooms.  Once again, volunteers for prep work and donations are needed for this phase.  

Approximate Cost:  $150,000.00

Photo by Millie Mattox

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