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The Quick Family
Doug & Silesia Quick are the kind of friends everyone needs to have.  They have been with us for 3 years now, helping with EVERY project we do.  Doug is a Military Veteran where he served as Military Police, and acts as Security for large events.   Doug helps with any and all work needed.   Silesia is the Sweet Springs Co-Activities Director.  Silesia has designed, created (made) decorations, and planned activities for Sweet Springs.  Their 4 children help as well.  Andrew, Abby, Austin & Jax (Jackson) have done everything from helping with construction to sweeping, mopping, and washing dishes.  We Thank the Lord for this family.  

Maury Johnson
Maury has been invaluable in assisting Sweet Springs.  He attends and makes "live" all our events.  He donates time, machinery, and plants to the project.  Maury was the inspiration for the planting crew that planted and cleaned the grounds all day in May 2021.  Maury puts his heart and soul into everything he does.  
Chuck & Connie.jpg

Chuck & Connie Furbee - Family & Friends

Chuck & Connie Furbee have been friends for many years.  Whenever possible they come to Sweet Springs to help get anything and everything done.  Their entire family and many friends come with them at times to help support our mission.  We really appreciate this family


Okie DuPre
Okie has helped with every event held at Sweet Springs.  He is Security for large events (music festivals, etc.), he helps with construction, he helps clean, he helps with about everything.  He is a blessing to Sweet Springs.  Drives from Christiansburg, VA 

Arietta, Daegen & Zeke.jpg

 Zernie (Zeke) Miller

Zeke doesn't work events so much, but helps with yard work, helps move anything and everything needing moved, helps with maintenance, and more.  He is a wonderful asset to Sweet Springs.

Arietta, Daegen & Zeke.jpg

Daegen Miller-Frost

Still in high school, a member of Woodrow's robotics team,

plays tennis, and more -

Daegen can not help with all events, but every holiday & during the summer break, he volunteers time at Sweet Springs helping erect the tent, yard work, and other chores around the facility.  


Felicia A. Miller

Felicia has helped with several events/work projects at Sweet Springs.  She volunteered for the roofing project, removing shingles along with other volunteers.  She works the Halloween Haunter House, an has assisted with other events.  

Fielding & Lynn.jpg

Z. Fielding Miller & Lynn Parker Meadows Miller

Newer to the volunteer list is Fielding Miller and Lynn Parker Meadows.  They help with the music events - Lynn is our nurse on duty and Fielding is security - the Halloween Haunted House, and whenever they can get the time off.  Fielding is a Handyman and former Plumbing Company owner and Lynn holds several nursing certificates so they help whenever they can.   They are engaged to be married and will be holding their wedding at Sweet Springs.   They drive from Oak Hill, WV

Mike & Peggy.jpg

Burn's Family
Mike has worked with the Project Manager for several years.  While Mike can not work all events, he and Peggy help whenever they can.  Mike helps with construction and grounds keeping - Peggy helps with whatever ask.  

We have other volunteers that - at this time - have no really good pictures.  They are also invaluable in helping us at Sweet Springs Resort Park.  EVERY ONE THAT HELPS is a blessing and appreciated more than you know - the ones listed on this page are those that help almost each and every time. 

Rosanna Sacco - Director of Sweet Springs Institute, Rosanna helps in office and with events.

Laura Simmons - Volunteer for office work.  Laura is the Sales Department and drives from Covington to assist the Springs.  

Jerry Richmond works in the yard, brings us fresh vegetables, and helps mow.


These fine people also volunteer their time

The Entire Board of Directors - Mark Carrol; Kellis Miller; & Cynthia Tilley

Project Manager - O. Ashby Berkley

Administrative Assistant - Arietta DuPre

Maintenance - Randy DuPre

Author, Media Director - Cindie Harper

Author & Journalist - Michael Barrack

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