Sweet Springs Resort Park Foundation, Inc. (the “Foundation”) is organized, and will be operated, exclusively for charitable, recreational, Entrepreneurial Business, and educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (“the Code”), or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code.  The Foundation has been formed to operate and manage a park for the benfit of the public.

The Sweet Springs Historic District is one of the most significant historic sites in North America (c 1760).  The property,  based on designs by Thomas Jefferson, consists of a large hotel, several houses, and a warm water spring with pool house all built before the Civil War. The Foundation will restore this property which is on the National Register of Historic Places.  The Foundation plans for the property to include a hotel and conference center, business center, and health spa.  In addition the Foundation will develop a sports training and recreation center to serve the local communities as well as disadvantaged and inner-city youth, an organic farmer’s market operated by U.S. veterans, and a historic museum, combining the entire 525 acre property into a public park.


Excerpts from "Healing Waters", WV South Magazine, June/July 2016  by Cindy Worley

Berkley is also interested in leasing the 500 adjoining acres, currently owned by the state, to be used for recreational and farming activities. "It would be perfect for a sports training facility for children _ for soccer, tennis, maybe a putting green and an amphitheater. We would also use it for organic farming, perhaps a small vineyard," he explains.

"Our objective is to restore this place and use it to the best purpose to support itself. It's just too beautiful to let go. I was scared to death somebody would buy it, tear it down and bottle the water."  [Ashby Berkley]

"This is just not a Monroe County property, it is a national property."  [Ashby Berkley]

** Update:  The 500 adjoining acres has been leased**

Photo by Bill Brezinski

Photo by Millie Mattox

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