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The Professional

Cindie Harper, Professional Paranormalist - Author - and Native West Virginian is the Paranormal expert for The Sweet Springs Resort Park/Sanitarium.  Cindie has appeared on several television shows, and spoken at Mad-Cons, so she understands exactly what you are looking for and can help you plan the perfect visit to Sweet Springs Sanitarium.  

The Sweet Springs Sanitarium has been showcased on The Travel Channel, and was chosen as one of the most haunted locations in the world (Along with Dracula's Castel and more), enjoying time as one of the feature locations on the television show "Most Haunted Places in the World" which was shown live in 9 different countries.  

Cindie also arranges for "Public Paranormal Nights" at the Sanitarium so anyone interested can attend at a reasonable price.  You do not have to be professional, just interested.  If you have equipment you can bring it, otherwise Cindie and a professional group of Paranormalists will have all necessary materials.  

Professional Paranormalists?  Want to do a 2-night visit?  We have the Lewis House you can rent rooms, or sleep in the Hotel - whichever fills your needs.  Just remember:

The Sanitarium gets VERY ACTIVE

Before the Gig

Let’s Work Together

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